Part of Risk Strategies Company, Crow Friedman Group specializes in Liability, Commercial & Group Health insurance

Legal Professional Liability

Legal Professional Liability is offered through various insurance carriers based on the firm’s type of practice and size. Crow Friedman Group partners with legal clients and aggressively markets insurance to cover all aspects of the legal practice including all associates and non legal staff. Coverages can include Punitive Damages, Tail Coverage, Crisis Event Coverage, Personal Injury, Defense for Disciplinary Proceedings, payments for attendance in trial or arbitration and much more.

  • Professional Liability
  • Directors & Officers Coverage
  • Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage
  • Deductible Reduction Provisions
  • Punitive Damages Coverage
  • Choice of Counsel
  • Crisis Event Coverage
  • Individual Tail Coverage for Retirement
  • Pro Bono Services
  • Malicious Prosecution and Personal Injury