Part of Risk Strategies Company, Crow Friedman Group specializes in Liability, Commercial & Group Health insurance


Our Professional Affiliations


PLAN is a network of 50 agencies in North America (including Canada and Puerto Rico) that specialize in insurance for professionals of many types. Mr. Crow was one of the charter members of this group and has served on many committees through out the years. Mr. Friedman has served as president and many other positions; he is now on the board of directors.

With the ability to share and update information with 49 other specialist, we can remain at the forefront of knowledge and expertise. We can also provide helpful assistance to clients who have offices in multiple territories or who have global needs.

For more information, visit the PLAN website.

Our Insurance Partners

Our insurance company partners work with us to provide special products to our clients. With their help, we can better meet the individual client’s needs by matching coverage and price to their unique situation. Our business partners include:

Our more than thirty year dedication to Professional Liability Insurance has made us by far the largest agent in our area for this type of business. Several of our insurance partners look at Crow Friedman Group as their primary distribution resource. In addition XL Design Professional has selected CFG as their exclusive representative in Tennessee.

Other Professional Affiliations